You may not even realize it, but the Bachelor Culture has become one of the dynamic forces in shaping the concept of masculinity and freedom for men. Interestingly, there have always been conflicting views and opinions regarding the Bachelor Lifestyle. On one side of the spectrum, Bachelors have been seen as nuisances to society for not conforming to traditional family life. On the other, Bachelors have been celebrated and envied for the individualism and freedom.

Fast forwarding to today’s time, a man’s Bachelorhood years are seen as a developmental period which will lay the foundation for the rest of his life. During Bachelorhood, a man acquires wisdom, gains self control, establishes a career, and finds a mate to settle down with if he desires to. Whether a Bachelor chooses to live alone or marry, every man on earth must live the bachelor lifestyle at some point in his life. Just as one has to obtain a “Bachelor's” degree before one can acquire their "Master's" degree, a man must first be a Bachelor to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to become a master of himself - mentally, physically, and spiritually. Every man is born into Bachelorhood, how one chooses to live in it and for how long is up to them.

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